Welcome to Your World

Ave reader,

Surely during your time on planet Earth you’ve encountered the common phrase, “history repeats itself.” Maybe you heard it in a history class, in a book, or maybe on TV. You probably pondered the notion for a brief moment before discarding it back to the annals of history from whence it came. Truth be told, so did I the first time I heard it; I figured it was just an interesting quote with no relevance to the modern world or my own life. After all, look at all the modern advancements in technology and medicine and engineering and science and art. How could history possibly be repeating itself? The sad truth is that most people don’t realize exactly how closely the social and political landscape of antiquity is still motivating societies around the world and driving political intrigue today.

In this blog, I seek to examine a modern geopolitical imperative by examining exactly how history has been repeating itself for millennia, shaping the modern world in which we live, and how it will shape the world of tomorrow, one current event at a time. I will discuss the opinions of famous geopolitical analysts, tie in current events, and make conjectures on the future of our world based on historical precedent.

So why write this blog? I was inspired to action by my love of ancient Roman history and 21st-century geopolitics, and felt that society’s erroneous misconceptions on issues such as China’s booming economy, turmoil in the Middle East, the decline of Cold War superpowers, and others could be remedied through a more thorough historical examination of the events and social movements that spurred change. I hope you’ll join me in this adventure in studying the world.



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